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Mason Dixon Pod News

Back Yard Cookoff

Just when the red wine supply in Harford County was recovering from the New Year's Polar Bear Cookoff, the Dean's hosted another cookoff at their house and the Parker's came the night before for a rousing round of cards. Monica taught us High Chicago-Black Bottom. Even though it was a chili weekend, this was no reference to the Chilini Pod; it was a card game. We were very reluctant students as Monica tried to teach us, but Alan decided he liked it. He won. What a great time we had - not to mention the wine.

With the heat wave we've been experiencing, Alan couldn't believe it when several cooks started setting up in the garage on Saturday. Why not go out in the yard where the air was moving a little? When I asked, Charlie pronounced "It's going to pour." And it did. Forty-five minutes before turn-in, the rains became torrential. It rained and it rained. We heard hammering and figured it was Noah. A tornado touched down in two places just several miles away.

Nevertheless, the cooking went on in fine fashion. The judges fought their way through the storm and assessed the merits of some great chili. Chili Winners: 1. Wes Thorne - Q, 2. Bruce Baker - Q, 3. Debbie Henderson, 4. Nancy Bremer, 5. Charlie Walstrom - Q, 6. Bob Massarrelli, 7. Adrienne Grant - Q, 8. Bill Henderson (chili virgin no more), 9. Monica Parker, 10. Mike Massarrelli.

After awards, we loaded up on lots of great food and good company, interrupted only briefly for a short Pod meeting.  The partying resumed until the wee hours. What a weekend.






The Great New York State Championship

Owego, NY -- The flavor of Texas came to the top at the Great New York State Chili Cookoff last Saturday. Tommy and Nina Bennett combined a chili-cookin' trip with a visit to Tommy's boyhood home in Middletown, New York. While they were, they smoked the competition: Tommy won the cookoff and Nina was second. Rounding out the top three was Brian Powers from Tennessee.

The cookoff, in only it's second year, was a great success. Over three thousand spectators jammed Hickories Park. They enjoyed lots of chili, great show teams, and a succession of local bands. Lots of credit goes to Bob Griffin and the local Kiwanis for their work to put on this cookoff.

Anyone who wants to take a break from the heat next summer should put this outstanding cookoff on their calendar.

Chili: 1. Tom Bennett, 2. Nina Bennett, 3. Brian Powers, 4. Susan Dean, 5. Ray Parkes (NY cook), 6. Alan Dean, 7. Terry Powers, 8. Wes Thorne, 9. David Grossman (NY), 10. Royce Adams (NY), Show-Biker Chili

Pod Officers 2001-2002

Great Pepper: Alan Dean, Pepper Popper: Susan Dean, Chili Penny: Charlie Walstrom, Chili Scribe: Debbie Henderson, Stirring Committee: Jim Parker, Nancy Bremer, Brian Smith, and Kim Archer.