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Mason Dixon Pod News

Cecil County Fair Cookoff

Fair Hill, MD               16 cooks   July 22, 2001

We had good ol' Texas weather for the Cecil County Fair Cookoff on Sunday - hot and humid. This nice. little county fair had it all - animals, rides, displays, shows, and a chili cookoff. We were nestled in next to the Baboon Lagoon. We were entertained throughout the cooking process by the Arabian horses and the monkey show. Now, how many chili cookoffs give you a chance to do that? In the chili competition, Alan Dean edged out Mike Williams to stop Mike's winning streak at two consecutive cookoffs and Dave Cleary captured second place after a long absence from cooking. When the reporters asked Alan what made his the winning chili, he replied, "The judges didn't recognize that my wife had better chili than I did." After announcements we all sang Happy Birthday to Charlie Walstrom and shared a cake Bonnie brought.

1. Alan Dean
2. Dave Cleary
3. Susan Dean
4. Bob Massarrelli
5. Steve Corley (Q)
6. Mike Williams
7. Wes Thorne
8. Bruce Baker
9. Charlie Walstrom
10. Mike Massarrelli


Flanders Cookoff

Flanders, NJ            15 cooks
 June 30, 2001

CASI made it's first expedition into New Jersy last Saturday with a cookoff at the Sport and Swim Club in Flanders. The SSC is located on a ovely 60 acres in the hills of northwest New Jersey. The CASI cooks enjoyed the hospitality of the club members throughout the weekend.

A small (about 200) but enthusiastic crowd sampled chili, visited, and shared their pride in the Club throughout the day. This was a good start we can build on.

1.  Mike Williams (Q)
2.  Jim Wilson
3.  Hilde Carter
4.  Ann Grossman
5.  Shawn Carter
6.  Kim Eckley
7.  Ghon Eckley
8.  Susan Dean
9.  Brian Smith
10. Charlie Walstrom



Up The Creek

Ft. Washington, MD      18 cooks
July 7, 2001

Mike Williams is on a roll. Last week, he won the hearts of the judges by winning the first CASI cookoff in New Jersey. Yesterday, it was Maryland judges, as he captured the 4th Annual Up The Creek Cookoff in Fort Washington. The relaxed, backyard cookoff was held on a rare day for Maryland in July - low humidity and gorgeous blue skies. Ruby and Becca, the chili dogs romped, while the cooks sat back and enjoyed the day.


1. Mike Williams
2. Dick Deitos
3. Lew Wheeling-qualified
4. Charlie Walstrom
5. Steve Corley
6. Beverly King
7. Wes Thorne
8. Alan Dean
9. Roger Koltz-qualified
10. Ghon Eckley