If This Be Heaven, Pass The Chili

I reckon time's about to run out---                               

And all the wild oats I've done sowed.

By the meanest horses ever knowed.

I heard the rooster when he crowed.

This cowboy found the taste of chili.

No other food can bring the bliss

Of rapture like a lover's kiss;

Which ain't no hill for a manly stepper.

The best durned chili I ever knowed

For all the charms that chili's got,

It still ain't nuthin' if it ain't hot.

You want a bowl? Well, now you got 'er:

You're healthier, happier and hot-to-trotter;

And make you smile and sing and smart.

So I'm gone to claim the cowboy's treasure.

If this be heaven, then pass the chili.

F. Jackrabbit McMurry